A downloadable game for Windows

Way back in February of 2014 I played Flappy Bird for the first time. I showed it to some of my co-workers at UC Berkeley, and I flippantly declared that the game was probably made in a weekend. When Friday rolled around, I decided to test that idea and build a Flappy Bird clone in 48 hours. At the same time, some of my office mates and I were joking around about the Miley Cyrus song "Wrecking Ball." When I sat down to build the game, I figured that a mash-up of the two was in order. So, I made the game over the weekend, showed up to work on Monday, and spent about a week playing it with my co-workers. It's mostly a throw-away programming exercise, but I still had fun building it. End of story. 2 weeks later someone else had the same idea, launched a Miley/Flappy mash-up in the app store, and made a bunch of dough. Oops. Guess it pays to monetize.

Install instructions

unzip files, click on .exe, pick screen size, play


wrecking bird PC.zip 11 MB